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Feb 15, 2018
'Don't Lie To Me' - Official Music Video

Do what ever you want to do. Just communicate and be authentic about it. 'Don't Lie To Me' Music Video shot by the brother MADE by WADE

Feb 9, 2018
'Which Way Shall We Go?' - Summer Tour Video #1


LET'S LIGHT IT UP! This tour has been some of the best times of my life! Shout out to all the hearty, wholesome, energetic souls who have been apart of this goodness! South Island - let's do this! 
Video - Christian Tjandrawinata

Jan 15, 2018
'WWSWG?' Summer Tour

Kia Ora Whanau!

The shows have been INCREDIBLE so far on the tour! Thanks so much to all the hearty souls who have come and jammed with us! Heading to the east cape now, Gisborne, Hastings and then to Taupo! 

Grab your tickets from


Dec 21, 2017
'Spanish Steps' - Live Acoustic Session

Kia Ora Whanau - Heres to an incredible year! Have a Choice Christmas and a Steezy New Year!

Ciaran x

Shot by Christian Tjandrawinata


Dec 10, 2017
Ciaran McMeeken On Co-Writing

In this episode, Yasamin speaks to CIARAN McMEEKEN prior to the release of his debut self-titled album. Since our interview, Ciaran has gone on to open for Ronan Keating, play a successful nationwide tour and co-write with countless other musicians. 

  • Daily routine as a songwriter
  • Co-writing as a tool to improve your own songwriting
  • Finding your team as an independent musician

Dec 1, 2017
Spanish Steps (Official Music Video)

'Spanish Steps'. A nostalgic song about hopes and dreams. Filmed by my best mate MADE by WADE, starring my dear mum. This is incredibly special to me, I hope you enjoy it.

Nov 26, 2017
Sharing The Creative Space

Sharing The Creative Space. By Ciaran McMeeken
(Edited by Chelsea Evans + Abby Wolfe)

I used to be an opening batsmen. I traveled to India and the UK to play and I kept the bench rather toasty on the side of the footy field too. I drank rather large with my mates on Saturday nights and I smoked a lot of cannabis. I was sitting alone in a damp flat when I had an epiphany. The next day I unenrolled from university and set off to pursue music. It all started off well but the world can be a heavy place for an 18 year old. I got lost and I lost myself. I moved home with mum and dad. I started writing songs. I shared those songs with the world, which changed the game.

Songwriting and the creative process for me has been an incredibly cathartic exercise. The act of innovating, expressing and sharing is therapy for me and has enabled me to pull myself out of the mud.

I moved to Auckland from Dunedin in late 2014 to take the next step in my music journey. There I met esteemed producer Greg Haver. He introduced me to the world of co-writing and encouraged me to go and write songs with other people. I took this advice and ran with it. Over the last 3 years I have written over 200 songs and I’d say for about 70% of them, I have shared the creative space with other humans.

Last week, 5 of us jumped into a Corolla station wagon armed with guitars, pens and notebooks for a week of connection and collaboration. We arrived, unpacked our things, put our phones on flight mode and dove in. Typically, a session starts with what we like to call the psychology hour. An open and safe space is created for us all to talk honestly about what the hell is going on in our lives. Addiction. Spirituality. Sex. Relationships. You name it, we go there. Warts and all. We offer contributions and delve deeper into things we resonate with. Generally, we are all going through similar stuff, so we all have an abundance of ideas to throw in the mix. Within the scribbles on our 1B5s is pure gold. Filled with metaphors, chorus hooks, rhymes and juicy content. You’d be surprised how much goodness comes from expressing yourself! That then becomes the blueprint of an incredibly powerful, authentic song.

I can’t emphasize enough how special it is to be able to express my most, shall we say, colourful secrets, in a safe communal environment. Where not only am I supported and accepted, but because it is a creative environment, a tangible product is born from the content, that can then be shared.

I am now a full-time professional musician and songwriter. I collaborate and connect deeply with writers several times a week. I don’t often drink (except for the odd beer and whiskey with the old man), I practice yoga, meditate daily, and I have a beautiful friend group. I’m stoked to say that I’m thriving.

What I see possible for New Zealand is a creative, collaborative culture of musicians who are connected, empowered and working together. I see tall poppy syndrome being a story of old. I see the ‘poor musician’ mantra being abolished. Mark my words, no longer will artists be asked: “aww cool, soooo do you make a living from doing that?”. To be a songwriter will be as respected as being an All Black and New Zealand will be up there with Sweden and the US as big players in the music export industry.

This will be the model of the future and New Zealand will lead as an example. An absolute hub of creativity, collaboration and community. There will be no need for musicians to leave our shores in pursuit of the dream because the dream will be right here. Ingrained in our culture and being.

No more DIY. No more tall poppy bullshit. No more isolation. Let’s start a new wave of connection and write some incredible songs.

Nov 20, 2017
Homegrown 2018

I'm excited to announce that I will be attending Homegrown 2018! Amazing line-up of Kiwi artists. See below for further information.

Oct 29, 2017
Who I Am (Feat. Sahara Skye) - Live Acoustic

Acoustic live video of 'Who I Am' (feat. Sahara Skye) is available now. I know what this song means to me, would love to hear what it means to you! Give me a feedback on Facebook.

Shot by Christian Tjandrawinata

Oct 20, 2017
New Zealand Summer Tour 2018

NEW ZEALAND! I'm so excited to announce I'm touring our beautiful country this summer!! Tickets are on sale now!

Ciaran McMeeken "Which Way Shall We Go?" New Zealand Summer Tour 2018

Jan 5, 2018 / The Refinery / Paeroa
Jan 6, 2018 / Waihi Beach Hotel / Waihi Beach (Free Entry)
Jan 7, 2018 / Lukes Kitchen / Whitianga (Free Entry)
Jan 12, 2018 / Old School Arts Centre / Raglan
Jan 14, 2018 / Totara St. / Mt Maunganui
Jan 18, 2018 / The Dome Theatre / Gisbourne
Jan 19, 2018 / The Common Room / Hastings
Jan 21, 2018 / Vine Eatery & Bar / Taupo (Free Entry)
Jan 25, 2018 / Nivara Lounge / Hamilton
Jan 27, 2018 / Caroline / Wellington
Feb 2, 2018 / Mt Eden Village Centre / Auckland
Feb 9, 2018 / Dog With Two Tails / Dunedin
Feb 10, 2018 / Sherwood / Queenstown
Feb 11, 2018 / Village Green / Arrowtown
Feb 15, 2018 / Blue Smoke / Christchurch
Feb 25, 2018 / The Mussel Inn / Takaka


Join the Event page for direct tour updates:

Poster by Ogino Design

Oct 6, 2017
New Single "#GiveAHome"

I wrote this song #GiveAHome for the 22 million refugees who are currently displaced on our planet. All available proceeds will go directly to Amnesty International. Shout out to Sofar Sounds for all your amazing work!

Purchase/Stream here -

Aug 31, 2017
"Give A Home" Show

I'm playing an intimate #GiveaHome show with Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds in a secret Auckland location on September 20th this year in support of the world's refugees.

Donate here for a chance to win a pair of tickets:

We all deserve a home, not just the memory of one.

Aug 4, 2017
Self-Titled Full-Length Out Now!

My debut album is in stores and online now! -

You can find it below or at JB Hi-Fi, Marbecks, Real Groovy Auckland and other good music stores. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

I wrote “My Kin” in October 2014 and this was the first of over 50 songs that I wrote for this album. 17 were recorded in mid-2016 and the 12 that lay before you are the songs that best represent me as an artist and human being. Creating them on my own, with my friends and fellow writers was one of the most joyous times of my life. I wholeheartedly adore this album and I invite you to enjoy it knowing that its intention was to help make this world an ever so slightly more pleasant rock to live on!

New Zealand Tour also starts today. Hope to see you all then! -

Much love,

Jul 31, 2017
Full Album Teaser

Here is a little taste of the album that is out this Friday! Can't wait for you to hear it! Comment below the song that grabs you the most!!

NZ Tour tickets available now:

Jul 22, 2017
CDs have landed!

The CDs have landed! In this day and age of digital music, I must say it is so refreshing to hold a physical, tangible product that I can feel and hold! Two and a half years of work has gone into this baby and I'm darn proud of it and everyone involved! :)

You can pre-order yours now here -

They will be available at the upcoming shows too!
Tickets -

Jul 14, 2017
Debut S/T Pre-Order

My debut self-titled album (August 4th worldwide release) is now available for pre-order! CD edition is also available via Bandcamp, comes in a gatefold wallet case with 8-page booklet and for only 15NZD during pre-orders. Full album details and pre-order info below!

Ciaran McMeeken (2017)

1. My Kin
2. That Feeling
3. Invisible
4. Which Way Shall We Go?
5. Do You Mind?
6. Al Capone
7. Don’t Give Your Heart To Me
8. Don’t Lie To Me
9. Wi-Fi
10. Human
11. Who I Am
12. Spanish Steps

Pre-Order Now:

Album design & layout by Ogino Design

Jul 11, 2017
Supporting Andy Grammer!

Excited to announce I will be opening for American singer-songwriter and all round good guy Andy Grammer at Powerstation in Auckland on October 18. Can't wait to see you there!

Jun 28, 2017
Debut Album Coming Aug 4!

Guys I'm so blimmin' excited to share that on August 4th, I will be releasing my debut full-length self titled album to you all! Doubly pumped to announce that I will be touring New Zealand with my full band to celebrate! Come party with us!

Fri Aug 4 - 'The Savoy' Dunedin 
w/ Killergrams (Solo)
Sat Aug 5 - 'Sherwood' Queenstown 
w/ Killergrams (Solo)
Sun Aug 6 - 'Meow' Wellington
w/ Graeme James
Thurs Aug 10 - 'Tuning Fork' Auckland 
w/ Alae

Jun 22, 2017
"That Feeling" Music Video OUT NOW

The new music video "That Feeling" is out now! The video captures the story behind the song, featuring real couples doing what they do best. So much love in this video. Hope you feel it and enjoy it!

Check out the full music video on YouTube:

Listen/Buy the song on digital:

Jun 21, 2017
Live in Auckland Jun 21, 2017 [SOLD OUT]

Tonight's show is SOLD OUT!! See you all tonight!

7pm - Doors
7.30pm - Jasper Hawkins
8.30pm - Ciaran McMeeken
9.30pm - Finish
10pm - Home in bed with cuppa in hand

Jun 20, 2017
"That Feeling" Music Video Coming Soon

"That Feeling" behind the scenes! Music video coming at you Friday! Boom!

Jun 14, 2017
"That Feeling" Acoustic Live at ZM & The Hits

Tune into ZM and The Hits tonight to hear the full band in full swing playing "That Feeling" live to air! Tune in for some epic banter and the story behind the song too :)

Jun 9, 2017
New Single "That Feeling" OUT NOW

I'm ecstatically proud to share with you my new single "That Feeling"! This is a song about new love and the all consuming, intense emotions that come with it. I truly hope you love this song as much as I do!


(Available on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify and more)

Jun 5, 2017
Live in Auckland Jun 21, 2017

I'm happy to announce that I'll be playing at The Portland Public House on Jun 21. This will be my first headlining show in 18 months...! Hope to see you then!

Facebook Event:

Jun 2, 2017
New Single "That Feeling" Coming Soon

I'm happy to announce that I'll be releasing another new single "That Feeling" from my forthcoming full-length album next Friday! Stay tuned for lots more exciting news!

Artwork by Ogino Design
Original Photo by Christian Tjandrawinata

Apr 10, 2017
Guest Appearance for Kaylee Bell

Thanks so much Kaylee Bell for inviting me onstage to sing a duet ahead of the Dixie Chicks @ Mission Estate Winery over the weekend! 26,000 humans.. what a buzz!

Apr 6, 2017
Support for Kylie Price in Dunedin

DUDEDIN FRIENDS! So pumped to be supporting Kylie Price Music on her Otago tour! I haven't play a show in Dunedin for nearly 2 years so it would be amazing to see your smiley faces!

Apr 3, 2017
"Which Way Shall We Go?" Acoustic Live

The band, Abby Wolfe and I gathered at The PumpHouse Theatre. and played an acoustic version of 'Which Way Shall We Go?' Thanks Christian Tjandrawinata for capturing this goodness! Enjoy :)

Listen on spotify here -

Mar 29, 2017
Live at No Beers? Who Cares

Stoked to be playing some tunes this Friday at this awesome event run by No Beers? Who Cares. who are drawing awareness to the fact that life and social situations don't have to be seen through beer goggles. I personally used to be incapable of talking about my feelings without being blind drunk and have found so much fulfilment in learning (and yes I say learning) how to be vulnerable and honest with friends and family without a belly full of beer!

I love the odd 🍻 from time to time with the old man and friends, don't get me wrong, but this binge drinking culture and struggle to communicate without Dutch courage has to transform ASAP! Spread the word people,
check out the event and come hang and connect with some epic humans!…

Mar 22, 2017
'Which Way Shall We Go?' is Live on the Airwaves

Boom!! 'Which Way Shall We Go?' Is live on the airwaves! Keep your ears peeled to ZM and MORE FM - Listen here:

Super chuffed :)

Mar 20, 2017
Amazing Response for 'Which Way Shall We Go?'

So so stoked with the incredible response for 'Which Way Shall We Go?'! Blowing my mind! Keep sending the epic videos of you singing along and vibing to my snapchat ciaran_mcmeeken!

Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more! Listen

Mar 17, 2017
NEW SINGLE - 'Which Way Shall We Go?'

Pumped to share my new song 'Which Way Shall We Go?' shot by my best mate Wade McClelland and I on a road trip around New Zealand.

Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more! Listen here:

Edited by the homies Jharaiz Kiriona & ALEX TARRANT

Jan 5, 2017
Music In Parks 2017

Sooper dooper stoked to be playing at the Takapuna Music in Parks festival on the 15th of Jan alongside my hero Geoff Ong Music and heroette Jamie McDell. I attended this event last year and loved it, so really happy to be playing at it this year! Pumped to jam with the band again, come jam with us!

Jan 4, 2017
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Facebook Fam!

Been on complete cruise mode the last few weeks and damn it's been nice. The tank is full, brain is replenished and ready for a mighty 2017!

Lots of new music and gigs coming very soon! Announcements coming in the next few days so keep an eye out :)

Much love to you all!

Dec 12, 2016
Signing out 2016

Signing out 2016. Wanna say a big CHUR to each and everyone of you who has supported and shared this incredible year with me! It has been 365 days of growth, connection and action. Damn it's been cool!

I'll be sharing a 12 song album in the new year which I am insanely excited for you to hear and vibe too.

But for now, Southern Hemisphere friends, go and have a beaut summer. Northern, a wholesome winter!

High fives and hugs

Photo -

Nov 7, 2016
Ronan Keating Tour is over!

Massive thanks to this legend Ronan Keating for having us along on the NZ leg of his tour! An even bigger shout out to everyone who came along early to see/listen to us play! You clapped and sung your wee hearts out which made for some of the best gigs I have ever played!!! You cleaned me out of CD's too which bamboozles me! Your all legends, thanks so much!

Oct 26, 2016
Opening for Ronan Keating NZ Tour

I'm really excited to announce that I will be opening for Ronan Keating's New Zealand tour next week! Come see me play on the "Time of My Life" tour! Tickets still available for two shows:

Fri 4 Nov - Auckland - Vector Arena
Sat 5 Nov - Wellington - Michael Fowler Centre [SOLD OUT]
Sun 6 Nov - Wellington - Michael Fowler Centre

Sep 19, 2016
New Music Grant Accepted!

Wanna say a massive thank you to the team at NZ On Air Music for helping out with my album! Your support and belief means the absolute world to me! Also a massive shout out to my team Noise PR, Greg Haver, Tony Cowper & Ogino Design for all your hard work behind the scenes! You guys are all legends! :)

Sep 15, 2016
Teaming up with Feeling The Street

Teamed up with my friends Feeling The Street and took them to all my favourite spots around Auckland, New Zealand! Check it out :)

Thanks Blind Basket & The Bassment :)

Sep 8, 2016
Album Recording Complete!

Put the final touch on the album today and I am equal parts stoked as I am relieved! Wanna thank these incredible humans for all thier hard work, dedication and talents! So excited to share it with you all soon, but for now... it's time for a beer.

L to R:
Nick Poortman
Greg Haver
Aaron Prictor
Ciaran McMeeken
Chris Ruscoe
Jesse Reeves
Em Basa
Christian Tjandrawinata
Geoff Ong

Aug 22, 2016
Interview with Emily Gallagher, Conscious Boss

Sat down with my good friend Emily Gallagher - Conscious Boss last month for a hearty talk.. "We chat about how to get over fears, about the moment that changed his whole future, connection, relationships, 'lad culture' & lots more." Quite a lengthy listen but some grunty content so check it out -

Thanks Em!

Aug 8, 2016
Album Recording Progress

The album recording is well underway and we are having a lot of fun, copious amounts of laughs and there is quite a heated foozeball competition! I assure you some music is being made too..

Follow along on Snapchat: ciaran_mcmeeken

Photo: Christian Tjandrawinata

Aug 6, 2016
Album recording has started!

Today is officially the first day of my album recording!! Woohoo!

Come hang out on Snapchat and watch all the happenings and malarkey the occur behind the scenes!

Scan the Snapcode or add: ciaran_mcmeeken

Jun 27, 2016
New Album In Progress

Had an epic week hanging with friends and fam back in the homeland!! So good to write some music with my old buds Jarni Blair, Abby Wolfe and Timothy Greenslade too! Now, back to Auckland to start working on my album! :)

Jun 13, 2016
Final week of Avalanche City Tour

Amazing run of shows over the weekend! Thanks so much to everyone who came out early to see me play, hang around afterwards to say hey and buy my CD!

Last leg of the Avalanche City tour this week!

Thursday, June 16 - Theatre Royal, New Plymouth. 
Friday, June 17th - The Regent On Broadway, Palmerston North.
Saturday June 18th - Opera House, Wellington.

Jun 7, 2016
3rd week of Avalanche City Tour

Avalanche City and I back at it again this week! Super excited!

Thursday 9th June - Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga.
Friday 10th June, Great Lake Centre Theatre, Taupo.
Saturday 11th June, MTG Century Theatre, Napier.

Jun 3, 2016
2nd week of Avalanche City Tour

Christchurch and Blenheim have been amazing. Thank you everyone for coming! Next on tour with Avalanche City is Auckland tonight and Hamilton tomorrow. Can't wait to play for you all!

Tickets: (+ door sales)
Photo: Andrew Hewson

May 25, 2016
"Screaming Man" T-Shirt

CDs and T-shirts will be available to buy at the shows! You better get in quick as there are limited numbers and my mum has her eye on the lot for the pool room! :P

Artwork & Design by Ogino Design

May 23, 2016
Tour with Avalanche City starting soon

Hey friends, for the past 5 weeks I have been in the UK & Europe traveling round and writing new songs. It was such an amazing trip and I met some great humans! Can't wait to share some new music with you all soon. Check out this short clip of my interview w/ NZ On Air Music last month.

Also, as of this Friday, my tour with Avalanche City will start. Make sure to grab your tickets now! I hope to see you all then :)

Tickets & Tour Info:

Follow me on Instagram to get more frequent "behind the scenes" updates:

Apr 5, 2016
NZ On Air Music

The band in full flight last week at the NZ On Air Music showcase! Such a blast!

Mar 21, 2016
"Little Fire" Tour tickets available now!

The tickets for the tour with Avalanche City, the "Little Fire" Tour in May/June are available now! Hope to see you there!

Friday 27th May – ASB Theatre Marlborough, Blenheim…/detai…/148087/avalanche-city

Saturday 28th May – Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch…

Friday 3rd June – Powerstation, Auckland…/…/2400506B9F251508…

Saturday 4th June – Clarence St Theatre, Hamilton…

Thursday 9th June – Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga…

Friday 10th June – Great Lake Centre Theatre, Taupo…

Saturday 11th June – MTG Century Theatre, Napier…

Thursday 16th June – Theatre Royal, New Plymouth…/…/2400506BBCAF23E5…

Friday 17th June – The Regent On Broadway, Palmerston North…/avalanche-city-little-fire-…

Saturday 18th June – Opera House, Wellington…

Mar 17, 2016
Early Bird Tickets

Celebrating my very distant Irish heritage today!

If you are coherent enough, you can get tickets to the Avalanche City 'Little Fire' tour for the next 24 hours before they go on sale next week!

Get em here -

Mar 13, 2016
Avalanche City "Little Fire" New Zealand Tour

I am insanely excited to announce I will be supporting the legendary Avalanche City on his 'Little Fire' NZ tour this Autumn!

Friday 27th May – ASB Theatre Marlborough, Blenheim
Saturday 28th May – Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
Friday 3rd June – Powerstation, Auckland
Saturday 4th June – Clarence St Theatre, Hamilton
Thursday 9th June – Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga
Friday 10th June – Great Lake Centre Theatre, Taupo
Saturday 11th June – MTG Century Theatre, Napier
Thursday 16th June – Theatre Royal, New Plymouth
Friday 17th June – The Regent On Broadway, Palmerston North
Saturday 18th June – Opera House, Wellington

Tickets on sale Monday 21st March.

Mar 3, 2016
"City" Unplugged


Massive thanks to everyone who watched this video on WatchMe.! Congrats to Night Gaunts who won the opening slot @ Auckland City Limits Music Festival! You lot are legends!Here is the vid again for anyone who missed our close encounter with death..:p

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Massive thanks to everyone who watched this video on WatchMe.! Congrats to Night Gaunts who won the opening slot @ Auckland City Limits Music Festival! You lot are legends!

Here is the vid again for anyone who missed our close encounter with death.. :P

Mar 1, 2016
SongHubs is over!

SongHubs was one of my better weeks on planet earth.

It was an intensely creative week of co-writing, connecting and collaborating. I made some great new friends and feeling incredibly inspired!

Big shout out to Greg Haver, APRA AMCOS NZNZ On Air MusicRecorded Music NZRoundhead Studios New Zealand and of course, all the amazing artists - you are all nek level gifted.

Feb 23, 2016
Help me win for Auckland City Limits!

See what happens when 4 lads play 'City' in the middle of a country road... We have a surprise guest!

Need your help with this one team! Click this link, watch the video and help me get the opening slot @ Auckland City Limits Music Festival!

Feb 19, 2016
NZ On Air Radio Tour


Great having Ciaran McMeeken in studio today."He is better than One Direction" said one txter!Our interview and live performance of his song "City" here...

Posted by Si & Gary on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Had an incredible week traveling New Zealand with my man Jeff from NZ On Air Music! We have been visiting regional radio stations wagging our chins, meeting beaut people, sharing stories and playing songs!

We started on Monday morning in Auckland and from there we visited Hamilton, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Napier, Hastings, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, Invercargill and finally my hometown of Queenstown.

I'm sitting here in the departure lounge waiting to board a plane back to Auckland reflecting on the week been and feeling incredibly lucky and grateful to have been involved in this trip! HUGE thank you to NZ On Air Music, you lot are amazing and have been so supportive over the past year!

Meeting Si & Gary from MORE FM was definitely a highlight for me - check out the video below!

Feb 14, 2016
Selected for APRA SongHubs

Super stoked to have been selected to be apart of this years APRA SongHubs!!

Featuring international songwriters Jesse Shatkin (Sia), MoZella (Rihanna) & Sacha Skarbek (Adele) - as well as an incredible group of NZ artists!

Big thanks to APRA AMCOS NZ for this amazing opportunity and also a shout out to my Dunners girl Sahara Skye for being selected!

Feb 5, 2016
Thanks ZM Night Show!


The very talented kiwi Ciaran McMeeken joined us in the studio yesterday and did an AMAZING Live version of his track 'City' 󾌧

Posted by ZM Night Show on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Thanks to the awesome Guy and Georgia from the ZM Night Show for having me in the studio for a jam and chat! Here's a live acoustic performance of 'City'! Happy weekend to you all!

Feb 2, 2016
The Edge Interview - Part 2

Decent Exposure - 'City'

Here is Part 2 of the Decent Exposure episode where I talk/waffle about the song and video for 'City'! Thanks again to the team @ The Edge, The Bassment & Noise PR

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Monday, February 1, 2016


Here is Part 2 of the Decent Exposure episode where I talk/waffle about the song and video for 'City'! 

Thanks again to the team @ The EdgeThe Bassment & Noise PR

Jan 28, 2016
The Edge Interview - Part 1

Ciaran McMeeken - Decent Exposure

Stoked to share this video for Decent Exposure! It's playing on Edge TV at the moment so keep an eye out for it! :)Big shout out to The Edge, Noise PR & The Bassment - You little beauties!

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Stoked to share this video for Decent Exposure! It's playing on Edge TV at the moment so keep an eye out for it! :)

Big shout out to The EdgeNoise PR & The Bassment - You little beauties

Jan 20, 2016
Interview with Edge TV

Had a chat with The Edge today for the Decent Exposure segment that features on Edge TV - video coming soon!

Thanks to my family @ The Bassment for the sweet pad and to J9 @ Noise PR for the photo!

Jan 3, 2016
Summer Thieves/RaizaBiza Support

Kicking 2016 off in style supporting Summer Thieves and RaizaBiza on their nation wide tour!

The band and I will be playing in Leigh at the famous Leigh Sawmill on Jan 9th, so shout out to my Auckland and Northland friends - hope to see you there!

Dec 15, 2015
Kings Arms Session Revision

Ciaran McMeeken - Live @ The Kings Arms 03.12.2015

A wee taster of the show at The Kings Arms a few weeks ago. Such a buzz.... bring on the next one I say! #takemeback

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Monday, December 14, 2015


A wee taster of the show at The Kings Arms a few weeks ago. Such a buzz.... bring on the next one I say!

Dec 13, 2015
Sunday Star Times

"..At that time in my life, I had really lost touch with who I was and where I was going and I just had a really strong affinity for the idea I created about the rhino and the screaming man."

Bit of insight into my musical beginnings and inspiration behind the album in todays Sunday Star Times :)

You can read the full story here if you like -

Dec 6, 2015
Live review at Tearaway Magazine

"He was clearly thoroughly enjoying himself, full of smiles. This was the first time I’d seen Ciaran play with a band, and it was great!"

Thanks Tearaway Magazine for the great review of the show on Thursday! :)…/

Dec 4, 2015
Great night!

Last night was insane.

Thank you to all 200 of you who came along and a huge shout out to the Late Night Poets, you were all incredible! Best birthday gift a fella could ask for!

Photo: Ben Goh Photo

Dec 1, 2015
48 hours to go!

We are 48 hours out from the show people!! It's shaping up to be a wicked night, so come get amongst!

$10 tickets are available on EventFinda here:

Nov 30, 2015
'Screaming Man' CD

I only printed 50 copies of the 'Screaming Man' CD and they will be exclusively available from the show this Thursday!

So for anyone who still actually listens to CDs.. I've got you covered :)

Tickets $10 -

Nov 24, 2015
Getting ready for the next month!

Been cruising round Auckland all day handing out these bad boys to local cafes and hangouts! Keep an eye out!

If you haven't already, grab your tickets here -

Nov 16, 2015
'Screaming Man' review by Sunday Star Times

Really nice β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… review of 'Screaming Man' in yesterday's Sunday Star Times!

"..It's beautiful, heartfelt honesty. They are thoughtful, unfettered, direct and hit their target.."

Nov 12, 2015
Backstory of "Screaming Man"

'Screaming Man' Interview

If you have a quiet moment, here is a clip of me stumbling through the backstory of 'Screaming Man'. I have had a lot of questions asking about what the title means and to be honest, it is a tricky one to answer because it is quite a personal thing. But the more I talk about it and the more I share my music and story, I have come to realise that many people are going through or have been through similar things and that, it's ok. Big thanks to George @ BladeScenes for making this happen!#ScreamingMan

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Wednesday, November 11, 2015


If you have a quiet moment, here is a clip of me stumbling through the backstory of 'Screaming Man'. I have had a lot of questions asking about what the title means and to be honest, it is a tricky one to answer because it is quite a personal thing. But the more I talk about it and the more I share my music and story, I have come to realise that many people are going through or have been through similar things and that, it's ok. 

Big thanks to George @ BladeScenes for making this happen!

Nov 5, 2015
Interview with Tearaway Magazine

Had a chat with Erica from Tearaway Magazine about my "difficult to pronounce" name, the back story behind the 'Screaming Man' EP and why I made the move up to the big smoke!

"The artwork portrays the outline of A Rhino’s head, which envelops a close up of its eye. The artwork was inspired by Rhino Peak, in Southland, which was the cover art for my first EP. The mountain has an uncanny resemblance to a man screaming up towards the sky; hence the title."

Read the full story here -

Nov 2, 2015
Headliner Show with Late Nights Poets

Really excited to announce my first headlining show at The Kings Arms Tavern with very special guests Late Night Poets on Thursday, 3rd December kicking off at 8pm!

I'll be playing with my full band so make sure this one is in the diary!

Tickets are available on EventFinda here:
Facebook event page here:

Poster: Ogino Design

Oct 29, 2015
Music on Radio NZ National

Caught up with Music on Radio NZ National and had a chat about my musical journey, overcoming stage fright and other malarkey! I played an acoustic version of 'City' too, which you can listen to here :) -

Oct 27, 2015
"City" at The Edge

So many messages coming in from people who have heard 'City' on The Edge.

..Crazy! Check out the write up and listen to it on The Slab here:

Oct 19, 2015
Article on What's Good Blog

"He just writes. That’s all he knows, and that’s all he loves. This is where the genuineness and honesty shines through in his music."

Big thanks to George and the What's Good Blog team for the history lesson, album insight & kind words! You can read the full write up here:

Oct 17, 2015
#19 on Official NZ Album Charts

Woke up to this pleasant surprise this morning! 'Screaming Man' #19 on the official NZ album charts! :)

Oct 15, 2015
Interview with Coup De Main

Had a chat with Coup De Main about the album 'Screaming Man' and a bit of insight into the meaning and history of it all! Plus a bit of general banter :P

Oct 9, 2015
#10 on iTunes Album Charts!

So cool to see 'Screaming Man' sitting at #10 on the iTunes album charts!! Perched in there casually beside MJ - such a buzz! :)

Oct 8, 2015
"Screaming Man" Out Now!

It is such a pleasure to present to you, 'Screaming Man'.

Spotify -
iTunes -
Google Play -
Soundcloud -

It means so much to finally be able to share this album with you. A lot of instinct, energy and honesty has gone into these songs and I truly hope you enjoy them!

Oct 6, 2015
Full Album Teaser

'Screaming Man' Full Album Teaser

I can't believe it, we are less than 48 hours out from the release of 'Screaming Man'!! It has been nearly a year in the making and I cant wait to share it with you! Here is a sneak peek of all the songs! You can pre-order here -

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I can't believe it, we are less than 48 hours out from the release of 'Screaming Man'!! It has been nearly a year in the making and I cant wait to share it with you! Here is a sneak peek of all the songs! You can pre-order here -

Oct 1, 2015

Here it is friends, the music video for 'City'!! I really hope you enjoy it - can you spot the hidden characters?! :)

Single available to download now:
Spotify -
iTunes -
Google Play -

Sep 29, 2015
"City" Teaser

Suprise!!! Here's a little preview of the new 'City' music video that's coming out this Thursday!

The single will also be available from iTunes and Spotify!

'City' music video teaser

Suprise!!! Here's a little preview of the new 'City' music video that's coming out this Thursday! The single will also be available from iTunes and Spotify!

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sep 21, 2015
"Screaming Man" Artwork

Huge pleasure to reveal the album artwork for my upcoming mini album 'Screaming Man' - out October 8th, which was done by my man Seiya @ Ogino Design for the artwork!

The album features 7 tracks, which one of is a re-recorded version "Boy", which you may remember from the debut EP "The Valley".

1. City
2. Boy
3. Accelerate
4. I Need Love
5. Hold My Hand, Brother
6. Sad/Hope
7. Hallelujah

The album will not be available physically this time, but available worldwide via all digital platforms from iTunes to Spotify!

I will be posting some album previews exclusively on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow me there for some sneakpeeks!

Sep 16, 2015
New Album & Music Video

The countdown begins - 22 days until 'Screaming Man' mini album!

Here's the still shot from 'I Need Love' video shoot.

Stay tuned!

Sep 8, 2015
New Album Coming Soon!

Put the final touches on the album today!!

Excited to let you all know that the 'Screaming Man' mini album will be out next month!

To all you beautiful Pledgers - I haven't forgotten about you!! You have a surprise coming very soon!

Aug 23, 2015
Exciting News Coming Soon!

Hey friends, here is a little teaser clip from the amazing show at The Warehouse Sessions a few weeks back.

Lots of exciting things to announce and share very soon! :)

Listen to 'Hold My Hand, Brother' here:

The Warehouse Sessions 08.08.15.

Hey friends, here is a little teaser clip from the amazing show at The Warehouse Sessions a few weeks back. Lots of exciting things to announce and share very soon! :)Listen to 'Hold My Hand, Brother' here - #takemeback

Posted by Ciaran McMeeken on Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aug 9, 2015
What a night!

Man last night blew my mind, what a buzz! 

Thank you The Warehouse Sessions and all it's inhabitants!

Your energy made for a night I will never forget!

Jul 28, 2015
The Commons Birthday

Stoked to be opening for two NZ legends!

If your in Auckland, check the link for details!

Jul 20, 2015
The Warehouse Sessions

Been chipping away solo for the past year which has been totally kick ass, but next month I will step onto the stage with the band for the first time. Very exciteee!

Check your calendar and pen this one in. Tell your pals too - its gonna be a goodie!

Apr 26, 2015
Interview at Only The Best

Had a catch up with Only The Best this week. I met these dudes last month at one of my gigs - absolute legends. Thanks lads!

Apr 19, 2015

I'm incredibly stoked that I'm finally able to share with you the official music video for 'Accelerate'! It feels so good to tick this one off the list and release it to the world-wide web!

This video is my gift to you all. If you dig it and connect with it, please share with your friends, family, messy flatmates, nana & gramps, work amigos, the girl next door and even your disgruntled landlord! I consider you all part of my musical team, without your ongoing enthusiasm and support I wouldn't be able to do what i'm doing right now! So thank you all, and please keep liking & sharing because 'SHARING IS CIARAN!' (yes that just happened...)

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone else who has helped me on this journey so far. A huge thank you goes out to NZ On Air Music for having created the platform that allows myself and so many other budding New Zealand musicians to share their music with you and the world! I'd also like to thank Timothy Greenslade from Greenslade Music for his endless work, advise and helping hand behind the scenes over the past year & a half, Greg Haver for his incredible wisdom, experience and expertise in overseeing this project, and to Adam Jones Photography for his time and effort on this video making my ideas a reality.
Finally I'd like to thank my friends, family and fans; for their constant support and nurturing, your sound advice and your tolerance for my stubborn obsession with music is truly a blessing.

Apr 14, 2015
"Hold My Hand, Brother"

EXCITING NEWS! As you know, last month I went into the studio to record a song that I had written for the Volvo Ocean Race. Today is the day I get to share it with you!!

If you like the tune, it would really mean the world to me if you would kindly share it on your pages and show your friends/family!

Big THANKS! I Hope you enjoy it!